Ordering Online

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro UK, Maestro International, American Express and PayPal are all accepted. For orders over £1000 we accept Wire Transfer but please contact us first to arrange the payment.

Are my details secure?

We use tried and tested Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption technology on every one of our financial transactions. This is all handled by Europe’s largest payment gateway provider, which means everything 100% safe and secure.

What is your returns policy?

We can’t allow customers to cancel any order once is has been accepted by HypeForType. This is purely down to the nature of instant access online font licensing.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. All HypeForType products come guaranteed free from technical defects. Please make sure you check our FAQ section, as 99% of our technical enquiries can be answered here. Should you encounter any problems however, please contact us within 7 days of receipt. We offer free technical support to all registered font users. In the unlikely event that goods need to be returned, we will supply you with a Return Authorisation Number (RAN). We can then issue either replacements or credit. HypeForType does not accept liability for goods that have been altered, modified or repaired without our consent, or for any defects that are wholly or partly as a result of negligence or improper handling, or any other cause outside HypeForType’s control.

Where can I download my invoice?

All your purchase invoices are available to download from the My Orders & Downloads section of your account.

Do you offer student discounts?

While we don’t offer student discounts, we do have more than 500 awesome free fonts for you to download!

Why is my order pending or processing?

It’s usually for one of two reasons. Either the order has not been successfully submitted, or the nominated PayPal account is short of funds and will take 3–5 working days for a bank transfer to happen. Check both, and if you need any help please get in touch.

Do you charge VAT/TAX?

EU customers are charged VAT at the rate specific to their country. If you submit your VAT number into our system you may be eligible for 0% VAT but failure to submit may result in VAT being charged, for which HypeForType cannot be held accountable.

Downloading Fonts

How do I download the fonts I have ordered?

Go to the My Orders & Downloads section of your account and just click on the blue download button on the right side of the page.

Some fonts are missing from my order?

If you notice anything missing from your order then please get in touch.

Installing Fonts

How do I install fonts on a PC?

First unzip the font folder. In some Windows packages you can simply double-click the font icon and click ‘Install’. In other Windows versions you’ll need to go to ’Control Panel’ then ‘Appearance and Personalisation’ and then ‘Fonts’. Then it’s just ‘File’ and ‘Install New Font’, make your selection and hit ‘OK’.

How do I install fonts on a Mac?

Fonts are installed on a Mac using the Font Book application. This is where you can install new fonts, remove old ones, view your complete font library and even organise your fonts into collections. Go to ‘Finder’ then ‘Applications’ to open Font Book, or just double-click on any font file. To install a new font, double-click on the new font file. Font Book will preview the font and will show an ‘Install Font’ button. For installing multiple fonts at once, open Font Book and go to ‘File’ and ‘Add Fonts’. Here you can select a folder containing multiple fonts. Click ‘Open’ to install the selected fonts.

How do I install fonts on Mobile or iPad?

You can now install HypeForType fonts on your iOS devices (on the basis you have an App license of course) by using a simple application called AnyFont. Still stuck? Check out the video tutorial.

Using Fonts

The font I have purchased looks different?

The most likely explanation is that you have the OpenType features activated. Here’s a blog article to show you what this means and how to fix it.

What does OpenType mean?

Put simply, OpenType is a file format for desktop fonts. Just as you have jpegs and pngs for images, you have TrueType and OpenType file formats for desktop fonts. It’s typically the preferred file format because it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, and it can move between each platform without any problems. OpenType also allows the user to access a range of additional glyphs within font including ligatures, figure sets, small caps, stylistic alternates, titling alternates, contextual alternates, old-style numerals, icons, ordinals, swashes, and more. You may also be surprised to hear that the OpenType file format can contain more than 65,000 glyphs for one single typeface! Discover the benefits of OpenType fonts, and learn how to use them here.

How do I access Opentype alternates?

In Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, go to the ‘Character’ palette and select the OpenType pop-up menu. Any alternate glyphs in OpenType fonts can be manually selected via the ‘Glyph’ palette. Most Mac and Windows applications are compatible with OpenType via ATM Light or the native operating system. Still stuck? Check out this article.


How do I adjust desktop font rendering?

Desktop font rendering can be adjusted in most Adobe applications by changing the fonts the anti-alias settings. You can do this in Adobe Photoshop by highlighting your desired text, and then choosing either sharp, crisp, strong, or smooth as your anti-alias setting.

How do I adjust webfont rendering?

Webfont rendering is similar to Desktop in the sense that they are both controlled using the anti-alias settings, however this time we can fine tune this within the CSS file. To do this, adjust your settings for the font using webkit-font-smoothing or moz-osx-font-smoothing.

Why is Microsoft cutting off the font?

Occasionally you may notice a glitch with the way your fonts are displayed or printed. Ascenders or descenders might appear cut off, or your printer driver might appear to substitute fonts at random. Don’t panic, our fonts are not broken, this is a known Microsoft bug that has been addressed in an article on their site, where you can find a step by step solution to fix it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/291353

My Account Overview

What are the My Account sections for?

My Orders & Downloads
Download your fonts, and view detailed order information for all of your past purchases.

My Wishlist
Your own visual scrapbook of fonts, plus exclusive secret discounts only visible in your account!

My Settings
Update your password, email address, and TAX/VAT numbers right here.

My Contact Details
Make sure your contact details are updated. You never know, we may send you some free stuff!

My Affiliate Account
Love fonts? Love design? Turn your hobby into a business with a HypeForType affiliate account.

My Invitations
Send an invite to your friends, and we’ll give you and them 15% off your next order!

How do I change my password?

Just head to ‘Settings’ on your account page and click ‘Change password’. Enter your original password then your chosen new password and click ‘Save’. Voila!

I have forgotten my password?

No problem: on the ‘Sign In’ page you’ll see a ‘Forgotten password’ link. Enter your email address here, hit submit, then just follow the link in your email inbox.

Desktop FAQ

How many desktop licenses do I need?

Desktop licensing is for a single location only. Everyone working on the project needs to have their own desktop license to use the fonts, including the outside contractor. You should never send them the fonts directly as you will not be licensed correctly.

Do I have a Desktop or a Webfont license?

Webfonts were introduced recently, so it’s more than likely you’ll have purchased a desktop license from us in the past for your fonts. Webfont licenses are now available to purchase from our online store. Find out what kind of license you currently have by going into My Orders & Downloads and clicking on the individual order.

How many licenses do I need?

Our Desktop fonts usually come with a 5 user license which can be adjusted at the checkout. Every computer that uses the font will need a license.

Does the designer or client buy the fonts?

Usually it’s the designer (or the studio, agency, etc.) because they’re the ones who will work with the fonts at design stage. When the project is complete, the designer can use those same fonts for any other projects they wish. If the client has some active design input on the project, they need to have their own license to legally use the fonts. When in doubt, remember this: if the font has to be on someone’s computer, they need to have a license for it!

Can I send fonts to a third party contractor?

Everyone working on the project needs a license to use the fonts, including the outside contractor who should purchase their own license, meaning you won’t need to send them any fonts.

Can I modify the fonts or hire someone too?

Check the EULA. In some cases you have the right to modify the vector outlines of a font that you’ve licensed. However, you can’t then create new font files from those modified vector outlines. Opening fonts in a font-editing program, making modifications and then generating font files with those modifications is expressly prohibited by the license. If you’d like to make modifications to a font for a project then please contact us first to see if the foundry will give permission. We handle lots of ‘custom font’ projects for clients, but only with the full co-operation of the foundry in question.

Can I convert the font into another format?

We offer OTF, TTF and @font-face. Format conversions are not permitted by the license. If you need @font-face files and you only have a desktop font, then in order to make sure you’re licensed correctly you’ll need to purchase the webfont.

Can I install fonts on both my laptop & PC?

One license includes the right to install fonts on both your desktop computer and your laptop, but that’s not the same as purchasing a license for two separate computers. Your laptop won’t be permitted to have concurrent use of the font. If two people are using the fonts separately, one on your laptop and one on your desktop, then you need two licenses.

Can I use your fonts on my website?

There are two options with our desktop license. One is to create an image file out of artwork that contains one of our fonts. The second is to use sIFR, provided the swf file cannot be downloaded and only a restricted set of domains are allowed access. To do this you need to modify the customize_me.as before exporting the swf. If you need any guidance on how to do this, please get in touch. If you prefer to use the CSS rule @font-face then check out our webfont license.

Which license do I need for building an app?

Our license doesn’t include embedding or including fonts in software. For that you need to purchase a separate App license from our website.  If the application you’re developing is a game, then you’ll need to purchase a gaming license.

Webfont FAQ

Do I need a webfont to use fonts online?

Not necessarily. Our webfont license is specifically for using fonts with the CSS rule @font-face. Webfonts are formatted differently to desktop fonts. They can’t be installed for use in design, layout, illustration, word-processing or other programs on your computer. Unless your web project uses @font-face, a desktop license is probably a better fit for your project.

Do you support @font-face?

Yes! A webfont license can be purchased for most HypeForType fonts. You’ll receive @font-face css files plus TTF, EOT and WOFF formats that can be hosted on your server.

Do you offer a format that isn’t @font-face?

Our webfont license only covers the WOFFs and EOTs provided by us. Font replacement techniques such as Cufon or typeface.js are not permitted with our desktop or webfont licenses.

If I host the fonts, do I have to protect them?

We have two minimum requirements stated in our license:

  • To prevent unlicensed third-party access, ie. ‘hotlinking’.
  • To disallow direct download of webfonts (which is unrelated to the @font-face process of styling text)

How do I know how many pageviews I need?

Google Analytics, AWStats, Webalizer or Logaholic can all be used to track pageviews on your website. Please note that pages per visit (pages p/v) and unique visitors are different to page views and should not be used as guidance.

How many domains can use the webfonts?

The license stipulates that your page view amount applies to one domain name. However, that domain can have multiple top-level domains and subdomains, as long as there is only one second-level or main domain (see examples below). Regardless of variation in domain names, all content must be owned and controlled by you.

Examples of multiple top-level domains:
example.com, example.net, example.org, example.fr, example.dk

Examples of multiple subdomains:
shop.example.com, blog.example.com, fr.example.com,

Example of one unique second-level domain:
www.example.com, shop.example.com, shop.example.net, blog.example.dk, france.example.com, www.example.org

Can I change the domain after my order?

Please notify us of your new domain name within thirty days of changing it and be sure to include an order number or identifying details so we can easily find your info and update the domain. You can transfer a licensed domain over but you can’t transfer your license to another person or entity. The new domain must still be owned by you with the content under your control.

I need more than 10 million page views.

We are always happy to quote on a case-by-case basis so please contact us with any licensing needs that go beyond what you see on our website.

How do I use webfonts?

We have two type of license, which specifically allow different kinds of web usage. Our webfont license is for people who want to use our fonts with the CSS rule @font-face. If you want to add fonts to your website the traditional way – through images or sIFR – a desktop license is the right choice and there is no need to purchase a separate webfont license.

How do I install webfonts on my site?

There are lots of online resources to help you do this. Paul Irish wrote a brilliant article entitled Bulletproof @font-face.

What is an EOT and WOFF file?

EOT, or Embedded OpenType, is a web-only font compatible with Internet Explorer 5+. WOFF, or Web Open Font Format, is also a web-only font that is compatible with Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.1+, Chrome 6+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Opera 11.10+. WOFFs and EOTs are exclusively for use with @font-face and cannot be installed or used as a regular desktop font.

What are your webfont license terms?

The details of our webfont license, and some FAQs too, can be found in our webfont licensing section.

Are webfonts different to Desktop fonts?

Yes. Our webfonts can’t be installed on your computer to be used like desktop fonts. They are for use with @font-face only. We have separate desktop versions available for all our webfonts.

What does a webfont order contain?

Your webfont order will contain self-hosted @font-face CSS files including your font in TTF, EOT and WOFF formats.

What is a web based app?

Web-based apps don’t embed or include font files in the app. The fonts are accessed via @font-face and won’t display if the user is not connected to the Internet. The content’s origin is a web page that is viewed from within a native app (for example via UIWebView in iOS or WebView in Android) or that operates as an app, though not native. A web-based app is restricted to hand-held devices that run mobile operating systems. Webfont license restrictions still apply, such as the ability to serve only WOFF and EOT font files.